800 Accounts AIIB: HOW the DISTRIBUTION of the PROSPERITY FUNDS will happen ,and also Humanitarian Projects Funds.

Subject: 800 Accounts AIIB: HOW the DISTRIBUTION of the PROSPERITY FUNDS will happen ,and also Humanitarian Projects Funds.

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Dear brothers and sisters, the PROSPERITY FUNDS how will they be 
Distributed and also distributed for Projects for Humanity.

We all are in this together , so all of us can help a little giving what they will do 
with their Prosperity Funds.

The all are part of the ENERGY which is SOURCE, we all must respect each other.
If the POOR wants to stay POOR we must respect that and provide them still with
some Good Housing, Clean Water, and enough Funds for them to have a worryless
and convert-able life. 

So the Prosperity funds must be Flow in every Country with each having their own
method of growing and expanding, it must be their FREE CHOICE and Free Will,
but it has to be under supervision of Positive Groups who are working and monitoring the advancements of each country their spiritual awakening.

Like one of my first PROJECT would be to Liberate the Chinese Country from slavery and also Africa, and Brazil, where we can begin with the Humanitarian Projects.

Many brothers and sisters are not ready for the Prosperity Funds, and need to be
educated and be prepared for their Awakening, and their Freedom.
That will take some time, and that is one of the mayor issue with the Prosperity funds. those Countries, where there is no technology, no clean water, and no Housing.

I also know that the THOSE who have caused these situations also understand that the energies will also come back to them in a negative way for what they done.
They will change believe me they will. So we need to stay positive and watch how they also will change and admit their guilt all of them.

But the key thing is to prepare our self for the prosperity funds which will be given to many key people which will be distributing them as i said before, not all of them will be receiving the same amount. Every country will have their awakening plan.

Many of you are thinking and have question and cannot understand why, how, where, and many other questions they have. And many not believing in this Dream which is already manifesting in our life.
So my brothers and sisters, you must believe in it, for it to MANIFEST in your life.

Have a nice day, May the Creator BLESS all of you with

Ron your Brother
   Skype: Ronald.Wederfoort
Ronald Wederfoort


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