3D, 4D, & 5D Reality: Where We Are and Where We’re Going

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The following article is based on personal experience and also information that came from my Guides through channeling. I also believe this is exactly how things are.
Perhaps you are like many others who don’t quite know what 5D (or 4D, and maybe even 3D) means. You also might not know what a D even is, much less which one you are on, and which one you are headed to. Let me help, because I think it’s important.
For starters, the letter D refers to dimensions. The numbers before the D refer to dimensional levels. We are presently existing in 3D, or in a three dimensional reality. Both 4D and 5D are of a higher frequency than our dimension, and can, under the right circumstances, be accessible to us here in 3D.
As many of you know, we are in the middle of a gigantic vibrational and consciousness shift. We call thisAscension, or often, just The Shift.
The Shift involves all three of the above dimensional levels (3-5). The Shift also refers specifically to our movement from one dimension into another, and in specific from 3D into 5D, passing through 4D on our way.
The Shift is happening whether we like it or not; whether we approve of it or not. Our consciousness, awareness, and frequency are being stretched, reformatted, and redistributed. Your vibration — which is your baseline energetic frequency — is becoming more and more fine-tuned as you make your way up levels and dimensions. It has to. In fact your 3D body cannot survive in higher D realities. For that you will need a new vehicle — a new body. This is what The Shift is giving you.
Let’s look more closely at the various dimensions.
3D Reality
This is the reality of time, space, and materiality. This is the plane of humanity, the human life, and the earthly realm. In the lower levels of this dimension, suffering and chaos is experienced, an energy people often refer to as “hell on earth”.
And yes, there are levels to dimensions, which are themselves also levels. There are higher levels of 3D, where the spiritual seekers and Lightworkers tend to dwell, and there are the lower levels, occupied by those with baser proclivities.
As you have no doubt deduced for yourself, 3D can be a very hard and chaotic reality. It is dense here. It is darker than the higher dimensions. It is also harder to perceive the Light of Spirit due to this dimension’s vibration. It’s hard to know where we are going, and many of us have no idea why we’re even here — in fact we would rather be anywhere else. In 3D we truly do see as if through a veil, darkly, making out only shapes and forms and shadows on the other side.
Most of us have no idea what those shapes actually are. Some of us don’t even bother to look through the veil or ask any questions. These are people who think that this reality is all there is, along with the pursuit of money, power, and things. People who focus their lives on such things are overly attached to 3D and will have an incredibly difficult time transitioning into the next reality.
Yet, like you and I, they will have to.
3D is also a thought-form reality. However, due to its dense vibration, thoughts become things at a much slower pace than, for example, 4D and 5D reality. Ideas can take days, weeks, months, and even years to materialize, whereas these ideas would be brought into form instantly in 4D and 5D. Don’t worry, though, because manifestation, while slow, is entirely possible. Also, when you seek to manifest things that are in alignment with your Higher Self and Source Energy, the manifestation process quickens.
4D Reality
This is the dimension we often call the astral. It is the realm of the dreamer. This is the plane intoThe 4D Astral World which we are “birthed” immediately after our 3D bodily death. The tunnel of Light exists in 4D, as do various other portals leading to many other dimensions.
4D, not unlike 3D, is a thought-form reality. However, due to its finer frequency and closer proximity to Source, manifestation is greatly sped up. In fact it is usually instantaneous.
4D reality is timeless. There is no space, no separation from Spirit. 4D is where the imagination dwells. There is no materiality, no anchored dense substance, and there is no constant form.
Everything shifts here, even us, and often it shifts very quickly.
When Edgar Cayce — the American psychic medium famously calledThe Father Of Holistic Medicine and The Sleeping Prophet — was asked to describe 4D reality, he said simply: “Ideas”.  And he was absolutely correct.
We experience 4D every day when we sleep. Some of us have also developed the ability to have lucid dreams and out of body experiences (OBEs), and these for the most part take place in 4D. Others routinely access 4D through meditation.
As I said earlier, 4D contains portals to other dimensions. When I find myself going lucid within a dream, or having an OBE, I immediately command (through thought) that I be taken into the higher dimensions, to the space in which my guides, angels, and spiritual emissaries exist. I do this due to the random nature of 4D. Often when I demand to go higher, I end up in 5D. Sometimes, however, I go even higher than that.
4D is also the realm some interdimensionals (aliens) utilize in order to access us. They shift from their dimensional frequency, using the portal of 4D, and enter into a kind of combination of 3D + 4D. These interdimensionals are often service-to-self, therefore negative — for example the Grays, Reptillians, and Shadow People — but they can also be service-to-other interdimensionals such as the Arcturians and Pleiadeans.
Don’t fool yourself into thinking that 4D reality — or the lucid dream and OBE reality — is the prize for all your spiritual efforts. It is not. In fact 4D can be a frightening place. You bump into all sorts of entities there, and countless other energetic shapes, forms, and patterns, not all of them of the Light. Some people even report being attacked in 4D, and this has happened to me as well. If this ever happens to you, for example in a dream, try to remember to command that you either wake up or go to the higher dimensions. In fact, ask to go to 5D.
It will happen immediately.
In terms of our present Ascension, 4D is most certainly not where we want to end up.
Our goal is 5D.
5D Reality
This is where things start to get a little weird, so hang on.
5D is the realm of Light and Love. It is the plane of Christ Consciousness and the Ascended Masters. When we talk about heaven, we are talking for the most part about 5D, which is a land of complete timelessness, supreme illumination, and bliss.
However, only parts of heaven are experienced in 5D. Heaven actually extends beyond just one dimension (and even density), but for our purposes it does start in the 5th. And, within the 5th, there are many portals that quickly and seamlessly grant access to higher levels of existence.
If we are to Ascend directly from 3 to 5, as some spiritual teachers say, we will have to first go through the lowest-rungs of 5D, which is the proverbial basement. By the way there is no bad connotation when calling it a basement. In fact the 5D basement will feel like unimaginable ecstasy to us!
It is in these lower levels of 5D that we will be processed after death, experiencing things like the holographic life review and Restoration. Once processing is over we will move on to higher 5D levels. Very few teachers can speak correctly on the highest levels of 5D and beyond because truly, not many have experienced it and also there are no human words that adequately describe it.
Here is a secret about 5D: It is the level of jumping. Jumping is when we, through a vibratory process and sometimes completely randomly, skip the need for incremental ascension through the dimensions, and instead access dimensions out of order, and can even leave the density itself.
The density is the house in which all the dimensions exist. And, there are many houses.
In my Father’s house are many mansions, and I go to prepare a place for you. —John 14:2
Jesus was talking of the countless densities containing infinite dimensions and he was also showing us that he could access them, and also take us there too.
5D is the realm of the radically unknown and is, my friends, where much of the good stuff happens. 5D is the goal. It is where Ascension is taking us.
To wrap things up:
  • 5 is attainable through 4 and sometimes 3
  • 3 is frequently accessed by those in 4 and 5, as well as some higher dimensions
  • 5 is the goal, but it is not the end. It is also where the process of Ascension is taking us
  • All our dimensions are contained within one density — which we could call our home density. (Think of it like a house with many floors.)
  • From 5 you can more easily jump within the dimensions, and, if very enlightened, even jump out of the home density into other densities. For example Christ did this and still does, along with some avatars. Allthe Archangels and most subclass angels can also do this. Sometimes humans in 3D can even do this — though it is rare.
I have actually done it. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not because I’m extra-special or some kind of burgeoning avatar. In fact the only reason I experienced existence outside of this density was because a handful of Archangels wanted me to tell others about it. I wrote everything down, and while I have told a few people, I need to find a way to tell everyone.
But that is better left for another day.
Chances are this article confused you more than it cleared things up. That’s infinity for you! 🙂 It’s a fantastical place. And there are many things I could teach you; many things I could in fact show you. Through channeling 5D beings and some beings beyond even that, I have been made privy to remarkable information and integrated a great deal of high vibration energy. An area of my work involves giving this energy to others through the channeled transmission of attunements, and also through spoken activationsI teach about these attunements in my classes.
In fact I will be teaching new class starting September 16, 2016. I encourage you to join! I’ll be covering the subject of angels — specifically, who and what they actually are. And not just the traditional understanding derived from lore and mythology. I’ll be teaching non-traditional material channeled directly from my Guides and the angels themselves. It promises to be weird, wild, and thoroughly enlightening — I hope to see you there!
Much love,

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